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"Soul Stew Records Christmas"

Soul Stew Records 2014

Soul stew records christmas

A Soul Stew Records Compilation

Soul Stew Records is proud to present "Soul Stew Records Christmas" featuring the amazing talents of The Billy Thompson Band, Bob Eike, Little Bit A Blues and Norman Taylor. The Billy Thompson Band provides their "soul-infused, blues gumbo" to liven up the holidays by taking you down to New Orleans for some egg nog jambalaya and then turns it around with old-school slow blues to warm your yule log.
Chicago's Bob Eike delivers his tongue and cheek original composition about the fat man in the red suit. Little Bit A Blues: Warner Williams, Jay Summerour & Eric Selby present their true Piedmont approach to their two holiday classics. Philadelphia's Norman Taylor offers a unique, soulful tribute to Philadelphia's traditional holiday tradition on 13th Street.

Starve the Ego. feed your soul.