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Rob Gillette has been rocking out since 1969, when he got his first guitar by stealing it from his brother who couldn’t play it anyway.

After turning to jazz and jazz-fusion in the late 70s, Rob returned to his rock and roll roots founding a series of original art-punk and post-punk bands in the lively DC music scene of the mid and late 80s. These bands include 86% Hype (with members of cult favorites 9353), The Man Upstairs (with Soul Stew recording artist Mary Hott) and The Prawns. After his move to California in 1997, Rob founded the Fabulous Jammies, playing a combination of originals and covers in venues from the Sonoma Film Festival to various biker bars in the San Francisco Bay area.

Rob’s first solo release, “Topic Ends,” embodies his eclectic influences that range from T. Rex to Johnny Winter, from Eno to Little Feat and from King Crimson to the Pixies. Listeners will find in Topic Ends, sounds that are new and at the same time familiar — a retro feel, with a modern esthetic.

The first two single releases, “What I Know Now” and “Don’t Push Me,” reached #19 on’s Top 20 Pop Songs & #75 on USA Today’s Top 100 for Top 40 singles and #74 on USA Today’s Top 100 for Top 40 singles, respectively.

"Topic Ends"

Soul Stew Records 2016


"Don't Push Me"

Soul Stew Records 2015

Rob Gillette

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"What I Know Now"

Soul Stew Records 2016