"Gypsy Second"

​Soul Stew Records 2018

Abigail Selby & Eric Selby

In today’s musical world, the words “original,” “indie,” “progressive” and “fusion” are thrown around freely but with Abigail Selby & Eric Selby, these descriptions are, indeed, fitting. Abigail Selby (electric harp, vocals, keys), a music conservatory graduate, comes with a background in Celtic and Classical music, while Eric Selby (drums, percussion, guitar, vocals) has a history deeply rooted in jazz, Americana, blues and rock. Together, their backgrounds provide a multitude of soundscapes and genres that reflects the multi-cultural, ever changing, millennial melting pot we live in today. 


"Self-Titled EP"

​Soul Stew Records 2015

Starve the Ego. feed your soul.
We deliver blues, soul, roots, jazz, gospel, Americana and anything real that moves us. 

"Shedding Shadows"

​Soul Stew Records 2015

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